What Are Solvent Traps?
What Are Silencers?

What's a silencer? As with most things gun, so-called "silencers" have a lot of communist propaganda, misinformation, and mystique promulgated about them. Silencers really aren't that interesting.

They also aren't silencers. It's a misnomer of virulent propaganda that's been built directly into law. So, hopefully this has "headed off at the pass" those midwits who like to say "wElL, AkShUleE, tHeY'rE cAlLeD sIlEnCeRs In ThE lAw So ThAt MaKeS iT oFfIcIaL!" ...and so begins the substitution of legitimate facts and science for some trash bullshit the satanic government says.

Law does not, has not, and will never define what is true, valid, or official. In most cases, quite the contrary. This is an excellent example. Obnoxious, mislieading propaganda terminology is baked directly into the law. It's bullshit. If there's something government does consistently, it's lie and twist your mind with manipulative language. Thanks for pointing it out, midwit...

So, they're not "silencers." They're suppressors. Essentially, an inline muffler. ...and, not very good mufflers. Inherently very simple, by the necessity of what they're expected to do.

Good mufflers have twists and turns. If the high-pressure gas/sound/pressure/shockwave could just go stright out a hole perfectly aligned with the source... Well, that's not going to muffle very well.

...and that's exactly what a silencer hasn't got; twists and turns...

"But, wait up, Mr. Internet Big Shot Self-Appointed Expert... Wasn't the quesestion "What's a silencer?" Yes. That was the question asked from the perspective of a brainwashes sheople. Which you probnabbly are and don't realize it. One of the marks of good propaganda is that it screws youyr head up so bad that you can't even as a question that makes sense, and you dodn't even realize they did it to you. So, the fisrt issue we have to address is what a suppressor is NOT. You must unlearn the lies you think you know before you can replace that space with legitimate knowledge and understanding.

A suppressor is, by design, required to have a hole straight down the middle of it through which a bullet can pass. This is the opposite of what you want for a muffler. This is both the defining characteristic of a "silencer," and the self-defeating premise around which suppresor design attempts to dance. A suppressor, essentially, is an attempt to build a revolving door which you actually can slam. It's impossible. It's oxymoronic. It's a paradox.

So, to answer the question asked; In functional-brained adult world, there is no such thing as a silencer. There are suppressors. What are suppressors? A suppressors is an object which attempts to redouce noise by doing exactly what you don't want to do if your goal is to reduce noise; put a bigass hole right down the middle, perfectly aligned with the shockwave/pressure flow.


The bullet coming out of the gun is what's holding all of the noise and pressure back. It's a really badass cork popping out of a really badass wine bottle. When the bullet pops out, all that noise and pressure is release perfectly in line with the bullet. If the bullet cannot pass throught the suppressor, it's defeating the purpose of the gun. So, you have to have a hole exactly where you don't want a hole.

Worse, this bullet is travelling at multi-mach (very supersonic) speeds, in most cases. It's not just an uncorking of epic proportions, you're also kicking the shit out of the sound barrier.

"Oh stop rambling Mr. Internet Wanna-Be Know-It-All! I've heard the James Bond movies! I've SEEN the James Bond movies! All he dos is screw on a tiny little metal tube and suddenly the gun makes no noise anymore."

Yeah, that's Hollywood. None of it is real. What if they dubbed in a fart noise when James fired his crappy little .32ACP? Would you beleive "muh silencer" made guns fart? Are you really that stupid? The truth would make such movies boring.

Suppressors make guns less loud. In most cases, it's still loud enough to be harmful to hearing. Due to the advent of 3D printing, new internal shapes can be made which do some incredible stuff, but most of that is impractical for us peasants, and will remain out of reach for quite some time.

So far, you haven't really learned a lot. You've only unlearned bullshit. This leaves you with a void to be filled.

Lets ask some better questions.

Why would you want to go to the gun range with a bunch of other guys, with the express intent of operating pootentially deadly machines; then put on earmuffs so you can't hear each other? What could go wrong? [/sarc]

Because govenrment is collection of assholes working together to imposie evil shit that no one man could ever do alone. No, this isn't merely ignorance leading to unintended consequences. It is deliberate and malicious.

The sencond best trick the devil ever played, was convincing you he doesn't exist. The best trick was convincing you to never go looking for him.

"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity." <-- This is the most insidious lie ever told in all of huiman history.

Why would you create a law that clearly causes very dangerous situations where none need be? It only affect that people they hate; gun owners. Most gun laws are like this; deliberately designed to cause trouble, not solve it. When possible, directed at political opponents.

Ever notice that the same places that force you to wear a pointless face diaper, are the same places who have had anti-gun signs on their doors for deacdes. It's hate. It's subjugation. It's enslavement. Evil people get off on stripping others of their humanity. Only the weak and stupid give that up without a fight. But, I digress...

The advertised purpose of a law is never what it actually does. Just liek all gun laws, "silencer" laws (As with most laws, especially anti-gun laws) are malicious and bourne out of evil intent. Once you realize that, everything falls into place.

So, what's the point? "Hollywood quiet" is actually achievable goal, but it requires coordination of many things at once, not just a can on the end of a barrel. You'll need subsonic ammo, a custom barrel with a twist rate that can stabilize the bullet at the much lower speed, you'll need a much heavier bullet than normal... You're going to spend a lot of money. It won't fit on your pocket.

What we're usually looking for is a compromise. Something that helps as much as possible without being too complicatedand too expensive.

Under certain limited circumstances, a $5 oil filter might do the trick. It's a consumable. Yes. Suppressors "get used up."

Even on a stationary barreled gun firing a .22lr, that oil filter isn't going to last very long. But, at $5, maybe you don't care?

In most cases, you'll need something more substantial than that. In most cases, you won't be using carboard, plastic, low-carbon ballast steel, or aluminum.

Your average AR-15? It's actuall not a very powerful gun/cartridge. With the right brain behind it, you can get just barely hearing safe. Still loud. Not "silent" by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe 1.5in dia, 8 to 10in long, 6 to 10 K Baffles? Or perhaps 2in dia, with a huge stack of thinner reflex baffles, such as freeze plugs?

That sounds cheesy to youm, eh? Afro-engineered? Don't be so hasty. Suppressors are not that fancy. They're jsut crappy-by-definition mufflers. They're not magic or particularly complicated. Those who government grants near-monopoly status to manufacture suppressors would love to keep the bullshit mystique alive... But, most of that stuff is far down the line of chasing diminishiung returns. That which costs $1,500 performs only marginally better than that which costs $300. And that doesn't perform any better than what you can make yourself for around the same price.

...which adds up to why "they" requlate it. You have to go through insane NFA (massive infringement) bullshit to beg for permission to buy one, on top of paying the $200 Tax Stamp, being treated like a sex offender for the rest of your life, etc... If you use a little ingenuity, you can make a damn good suppressor for under $200, less than the cost of the communist tax alone (that would be illegal, of course, but we're talking about science, not law)... Sure, the SOT guys will make snide remarks about you, but who cares? It's just as good. You don't need unobtanium and voodoo rituals. Suppressors are easy and simple. A small, perforated tube wrapped tightly in steel wool, stuffed inside a larger tube... Pretty much any method used to make a muffler, stretched out in a straight line and made dumb, will work. People have made suppressors from pillows, quilt batting, soda bottles... Suppressors are consumables. No matter what materials you choose, it will wear out un the muzzle blast environment eventually. We're not looking for perfect, we're looking for the sweet spot. And, in this regard, that's actually quite cheap.

Which brings us to another point exposing the insidious and malicious intent of laws written by satan's little helpers... You're not allowed to repair your own "silencer" even if you legally built it in the first place. That's right. How sick are these assholes? You, the person who paid the stupid $200 tax to build soemthing a 14 year old kid in shop class could make without much effort, are not allowed to fix the very thing you made when it wears out. And it will wear out, even if you make it fron Titanium and Inconell... NOTHING survives the muzzle blast environment. Imagine buying a car and going to prison for 20 years of you dare to change a flat tire... That's the law. Fucking evil.

This is the only reason the voodoo magic is promoted. Titanium actually sucks pretty bad. It's quite a lot like aluminum... But, stupid people think it's exotic. It's like flashy advertising on dog food. You think the dog watches TV ads for dog food? Do you think he can read the bag? No. All that marketing is for your dumb ass. It sounds like it'll last longer, but it really won't.

The thing that makes the most sense, is for a person to build his own suppressor from parts that had most of the hard work done. this facilitates the mass-production and leave the expensive, slow work to the individual with a little time on his hands. If a part wears out, he can just replace it. It's the most logical approach mechanically, economically, educationally... Which is why a law has been made to forbid EXACTLY the things that make sense and nothing else. Let the punichment fit the crime? 20 years in prison, felony conviction, because you wanted to be courteous to your neighbors? Criminalizing virtue... Putting evil for good and good for evil... Government is satanic.

God does not want you weak and helpless. Satan does.